Newborn and Sibling Photo Ideas

Newborn and Sibling Photo Ideas

Check out these Newborn and Sibling Photo Ideas to get inspired for your upcoming newborn and sibling photo session!

Sibling photography

I love photographing newborns. I am always so excited when a family reaches out to me to capture these precious as gone in flash moments in these first few weeks of life. 

I love learning that there will be a sibling in the photo shoot as well. Siblings and their new baby brother or sister have a special bond that seems to shine through almost immediately, and I love to capture these special moments. When I am getting ready for a sibling photo session I always keep in mind that special bond between siblings: in love one minute and maybe on opposing teams the next! With a little preparation you will be ready for the unexpected-and magical-moments that a sibling photo session brings.

Here are some of my favorite newborn and sibling photo ideas and some tips on how to best prepare for this type of photo shoot. Whether you are working with a pro photographer or you are taking some of your own sibling photographs, these tips will help you get the best shots.

How to Prepare for Your Upcoming Newborn and Sibling Photo session

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Pre-session meet up

When you book a sibling photography session, it’s a great idea to meet up with the photographer before the day  of the photo shoot. Siblings along with whoever els will be in the pictures should come along. This meeting let’s everyone come to the actual session a little more comfortable and relaxed. During the pre-session meet-up you’ll be able to find out what to expect from the photo shoot, as well as share any questions or concerns with the photographer. These pre-session meetings really help photographers to get to know the personalities of each person who will be at t he shoot a little better. And it helps kids to be more comfortable with the photographer, which makes for a better connection and better photos.

Sibling photography

Lifestlye or Studio Session?

This is something you will want to consider whether you are taking your own pictures or working with a photographer for your sibling photo shoot. When you are deciding between a lifestyle or studio photo shoot, think abou the types of pictures you want to end up with. If you are looking for more traditional, posed shots, a studio session might be more of your style. A studio session is a also a great choice if you like the idea of a controlled environment, with perfect lighting conditions, and all the things the photographer needs to create the perfect photographs.

If you are more into “real-life” captures in your family photos, you will want o go for  a lifestyle photo shoot. These sessions focus on capturing the spontaneity that happens during a photo session. Lifestyle sibling photo sessions can take place in your home or at  a designated location.

Newborn sibling photography Jane Goodrich

Know what you want

Before you start your photo shoot, have a good idea of your main images that you would like to create and capture. If you are taking the pictures yourself, this will help you to set everything up to give you the best chance to get the shots you want. If you are working with a photographer, they will also be able to try a and capture those ideal shots that you really want to have during the best part of the photo shoot.

Newborn sibling photography Jane Goodrich

Find the Sweet Spot

One of the most important aspects of capturing your goal shots is knowing when the “sweet spots” happen during a photo session. Photographers are well-versed on how to predict when these moments will happen. The best shots happen when everyone in the family is well rested, well-fed, and have warmed up a little to the photographer and the session experience. Knowing when this time is likely to happen will let you be camera-ready to capture the shots you want to make sure you get.


Of course we all want our photo sessions to yield all the perfect images we have been dreaming of, and with by preparing with some of these tips, you are likely to achieve your goal! While planning and prepping though, don’t forget the most important part of getting those golden moment shots- relax and have fun! The more you can relax and enjoy yourself, the better your pictures will come out.

Ready to book your sibling photo session? Contact me to grab your spot today!

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