Our recent Larchmont, NY Family Photography Sessions were so near and dear to my heart, we couldn’t wait to share them. I’ve been photographing this beautiful trio for years and this year’s family photography session was just as fun as all of the rest! We even got some amazing holiday shots that will be sure […]


June 11, 2024

Larchmont, NY Family Photography Session: Recent Photographs

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Check out these Newborn and Sibling Photo Ideas to get inspired for your upcoming newborn and sibling photo session! I love photographing newborns. I am always so excited when a family reaches out to me to capture these precious as gone in flash moments in these first few weeks of life.  I love learning that […]


May 28, 2019

Newborn and Sibling Photo Ideas

Westchester newborn photographer

Generally speaking, taking portrait photos of your kids individually is fairly straightforward since you can either get them to play along for a few minutes, or you can pull out your telephoto lens and take a few candid photos while they are otherwise occupied. Photographing siblings, where you actually would like a good final image, […]


May 27, 2017


Graduating from photographing individual children to groups, particularly photographing younger siblings, can pose a real challenge to even the most experienced photographer. Besides taking a deep breath and counting to ten, here are a few tips to get some good poses with younger siblings. Start with Proximity In order to take photos of siblings, you […]

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May 27, 2017


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