Photo Credit: Nixxphotography

Photo Credit: Nixxphotography


Has it been a week already? Have you been looking for a new or used film camera based on the last post so you can make all your photography dreams come true? Fantastic! In case you haven’t found quite what you are looking for, here are a few more great film cameras to consider:

Canon AE-1

Considered one of the first easy-to-use, consumer-friendly cameras, this little guy features a program mode so users can simply point, focus, and shoot to get great images. The FD lens mount means you have tons of lens options, and it’s a great starter camera for those looking to get into film. The low relative price doesn’t hurt either!

Yashica-Mat LM

Love shallow depth-of-field, and want a camera that looks as good in your hands as it does on the museum shelf? This is your guy. Featuring dual lenses, this fun camera shoots in medium format, so you get ultra-shallow depth of field for car, product, or portrait photography.

Konica Hexar AF

Want to go film but not worry about focussing or lenses? Voila – the Konica Hexar AF is it. A fixed 35mm f/2.0 lens, autofocus, and you’ve got everything you need to make amazing images. The price tag may be a bit hefty, but considering the quality of the lens it’s well worth it.

Canon A2/EOS 5

Before the Rebels took the world by storm, there were the EOS 5’s. Featuring eye-controlled autofocus, this was one of the first camera’s that could unlock features simply by looking at different areas of the viewfinder (how cool is that!). Easy to use and affordable, this is a fun camera that will get you out enjoying photography again, instead of worrying about all the bells and whistles.

Polaroid SX-70

Nothing says classic quite like a Polaroid – so put down your iPhone and check out the real deal. What’s even better is there are a lot of them out there, so you can usually pick one up for pretty cheap. A great alternative for kids looking to get into photography without the pain of taking film to the developer!

Ok now, you have a list of 10 great cameras, what’s holding you back? Start scouring places like eBay or ask your friends if they have an old film camera sitting around that you can start making use of.

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