nyc_manhattan_family_photographer014Stuck for ideas on what to do with your photos or for your next photography project? Maybe it’s time to break out of your “photography-funk” and try something different to push your skills to a new limit. Try one of these fun ides:

Fun Floor Portraits

This is ideal for newborns and babies – while your child is asleep or awake and content on the floor find a way to get up above with your camera (on the coffee table or a step ladder?). Arrange some interesting items on the floor, such as balled-up white sheets for clouds and a green blanket for grass. Add some stuffed animals and create a parade or some round cushions as balloons. Have fun with it!

Check out this Today.com blog post for some inspiration. Feel free to head out to the thrift store to find some amazing props.

Forced-Perspective Illusions

Here’s a fun project:  find something really big, like an outdoor sculpture and have your child position well in front, so the perspective shift makes it look like they’re a giant holding it up. It’s even better if you can find great objects – large apples, a dinosaur, etc. Find a globe and make it look like your child is holding up the world! You can also try forced-perspective out with other items – hot air balloons, monster trucks, trees, etc. Making your child large and the object small you create a really compelling image.

Need some inspiration? Check out Hongkiat – there are some amazing photos here!

Go With a Friend

Spending some time on the other side of the camera can be good for you; so can getting photos with your kids, rather than of them. Next time you’re considering a photo shoot in the park (or beach, or your back yard), grab a friend and their kids and take turns. You’ll each get some fantastic images and be able to give your friend some of his or her own.

You can each help out with culling and editing of photos – one of you may know a tip or trick to improve certain aspects of your images that the other may not. When you’re done working on the images together, consider ordering photo collage books from companies like SnapFish to remember your day together.

Need a rainy day idea? Get some photos printed ahead of time and let your kids create a collage or mobile for their rooms.

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