With so much going on around the holiday season, it can be hard to remember to keep your camera handy to capture all of those great Christmas moments. However, if you do manage to remember, here are ten terrific moments to photograph your kids:

10. Santa: Take some photos of your child visiting Santa. Don’t just go for the “perfect” shot – get those candid moments too!

9. Christmas Card: Does your family send out a yearly Christmas Card? Consider creating photo cards for a more personal touch, and have a fun photo session with your kids for the cover.

8. Finding and Decorating the Tree: Whether you go to a parking lot or tree farm, the tradition of picking out and decorating the Christmas tree is a big one for kids, it means that Santa is almost here!

7. Snow Sports: Getting your kids busy with sledding, skating, or simply making a snowman helps them to burn off some of that pre-Christmas hyperactivity, while providing you with a great opportunity to take memorable photos.

6. Christmas Pageant: Since they’re all glammed up for their school pageant anyways, take the opportunity to take some photos for your scrapbook or to send to the grandparents.

5. Sleepover: Let your kids have a sleepover in front of the tree a few nights before Christmas, you can get some lovely photos of their angelic sleeping faces.

4. Gingerbread House: Here’s a fun craft that will keep your kids busy for a few hours, as well as providing you with ample opportunity to capture some fun images. Don’t forget to send them outside afterwards so they can burn off some the sugar!

3. New PJs: Many families have a tradition of new pajamas (or a small gift) for Christmas Eve, get matching PJs and take some fun photos of your kids attempting to be patient…and failing.

2. Putting out the Cookies and Milk: While they are already poised by the fireplace, have your kids take a seat and get a nice portrait – if you can. If no then perhaps it’s time for a silly faces contest to distract them.

1. Opening “THE” Present: You know which one this is, so be ready for some great facial expressions!

Don’t forget to hand the camera off once in a while, your kids will want to look back later on the photos and see you in them too!


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