What to Wear for a Summer Family Photo Shoot

What to Wear for a Summer Family Photo Shoot
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Summer is all about bright colors, light fabrics, and cheery ensembles. When it comes to family photos, you’ll want to keep those things in mind as you put together your outfits. It can be incredibly challenging to coordinate looks for several people, but here are a few pointers to help you put together the best combination for summer.

Choose Your Colors

The first thing you want to do is choose a color scheme for your photos. Start with one primary color of the season and pair it with a contrasting color that is also seasonally in style. For example, a classic summer color like yellow will call to mind the elements of the season, and a contrasting blue will maintain the summer feel while adding more dimension to your family’s look.

Coordinate But Don’t Match

After you’ve decided on a color scheme, select various shades of each color. Every piece of yellow and every piece of blue doesn’t have to match (and shouldn’t), but should look good when next to the other pieces.

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Incorporate Textures

To break up the monotony of your two chosen colors, wear pieces with various textures. Different textures will add depth and interest to your photos without being overwhelming.

Limit Printed Pieces

Try not to wear anything with heavy graphics on it. Avoid loud and busy prints when you are doing a photo shoot. Solid colors work best and don’t distract from the faces.

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