tips for easter kid's photography

It’s almost here! All that color, flowers, colored eggs (and of course, candy) – the perfect time to pull out your camera and take some delightful kid’s photos. So how do you go about setting your Easter-themed kid’s photos apart from all the rest? Here are a few tried and true tips to make your images more memorable:

Tip One: Practice Candid Photography

Easter offers a few opportunities to capture your kids being absorbed in activities, whether it’s decorating eggs, going on an Easter-egg hunt, or crashing after all that chocolate. The activities give you a chance to capture some “real” photos of your kids, rather than just posed photography which can start to feel a bit static after a while.

You’ll need to have your camera handy, of course, as well as have it set on a relatively quick shutter speed (1/100s or faster) to ensure you get crisp photos of action.

tips for easter kid's photosTip Two: Keep it Simple

With all the color and activity associated with Easter you can often end up with kid’s portraits that look a bit “busy” and are distracting from the main subject – your child. Look to create simpler photos by adjusting your angle to cut out some of the busier elements, such as other children or overwhelming backgrounds.

Remember that a large aperture (f/3.5 or larger) can help here too by blurring out the background – just make sure you have good focus on kid’s faces!

tips for easter kid's photosTip Three: Props!

Easter offers a lot of opportunities to include fun props in kid’s photos: buckets, eggs, stuffed animals, paints, etc. Feel free to set up a mini photo shoot with a few props and a solid-colored blanket on the grass. Then you can take photos of your kids (or babies) while they play. The props add a bit of interest, give you a setting (Easter) as well as giving your kids something interesting to do.

Tip Four: Find Details

Rather than simply shooting kid’s portraits or lifestyle photos, try for some details as well. Hands holding eggs/chocolate/baskets, little fingers grasping, colored eggs, grass hiding candies, a whole haul of Easter look on the floor, etc. While it’s absolutely great to get photos of your kids during Easter, they’ll love all these context-type photos which make for excellent additions to photos albums and scrapbooks.

Check out our Pinterest Board for even more great Easter kids’ photo ideas!

When it’s all said and done don’t forget to print your images! Give a set to your kids too – you’d be surprised how much they love having a few photos to remember something fun by, even if it was just an hour hunting for eggs in the grass. Happy Easter!

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