tips for memorial day photosOnce again Memorial Day is approaching (May 25, 2015) and with it is an excellent opportunity to take some great photos. Whether you are putting together something special to remember a lost loved one or simply spending time with your family, remember to have your camera handy for photo opportunities that may arise.

With that in mind, here are a few specific tips for taking great family photos this long weekend:

Memorial Services

There’s nothing wrong with taking photos that help you remember lost loved ones: flags, presents left at headstones, photos of memorial activities, etc. Just try to be aware of other attendees and respect their boundaries. It can help to turn off any excess camera noises to avoid becoming a distraction, or wait until the ceremony part is over prior to taking photos.

Picnics With Family

Having a picnic with your family is a great way to celebrate Memorial Day and also gives you a perfect backdrop for photos, whether you are in the backyard, at the park, or the beach. Grab a nice checkered or solid blanket to sit on and take some shots of the whole family by bringing your tripod and using the timer on your camera. Remember that when there’s a lot of sun, sky, water, or sand your camera may underexpose, so you may have to manually adjust the exposure for a brighter photo.


Take in an all-day concert, a county fair, or hire a babysitter and take your spouse to enjoy some tunes and an outdoor venue. Grab your camera phone for some shots of the stage, or of you and your guests enjoying the festivities.


Have friends and family over for a fun Memorial Day – and set up a photo booth! All you’ll need is a camera, tripod, trigger (remote or timer), a backdrop (sheets do fine) and a box of dress up clothes. Your friends can have a blast dressing up and taking photos together, and you’ll have a ton of great shots to take with you. If it sounds like fun but too much work there are photo booth rentals available in most major cities that come with everything you need.

Memorial Day is about remembering what’s important: country, family, and friends – it’s a perfect time to take photos so you can remember the day. Don’t forget to go over your photos when you’re done and pick out a few of your favorites to print and display!

Photo Credit: Ian Sane

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