Take Amazing iphone Newborn Photos

Take Amazing iphone Newborn Photos

Use these 5 tips from a pro to take Amazing iphone newborn photos

Your new baby has finally arrived and you can’t wait to start capturing every little moment on camera. Even if you have already hired a newborn photographer, you may want to start taking pictures of these gone-in-a-flash moments before your scheduled session. Here are our top 5 tips for taking amazing newborn photos with your iphone so you can start taking great photos of your new baby from moment one.

black and white iphone photo newborn and dad in hospital

1. Start taking photos at the hospital. Even if the hospital does not provide the ideal background setting, you can always edit the photos on your iphone and create a classic black and white background. Editing your hospital newborn iphone photos in black and white will help reduce some of the background “noise” that your pictures might pic up.

black and white iphone photo of newborn on weighing table with dad

2. Make good use of the focus tool on your iphone. The yellow box that appears on your screen when you go to take a picture is there to help the camera focus on the subject. When you have your shot ready, click on the yellow box to place the focus on your newborn and you will get a more focuses, clearer image.

newborn photo with iphone yawning close up

3. Control the exposure of your photos before you shoot- Located close to the focus box is the exposure meter. If you are not familiar with the term exposure or how it affects your photos, it can help lighten or darken your images. So if you are looking through your camera and the image is too blown out (too much light so images are hard to see) or too dark you can fix it before taking the photo just by adjusting the yellow exposure slider. Adjusting your exposure before you take the picture can make the editing process a lot easier. (wonder if we should get a stock photo for this)

4. Find well lit areas of your home- Good light is the foundation of great photographs. Using the flash should be avoided at all costs-no one wants a flash going off in their face, especially a baby. A great spot to look for great light to photograph in is near windows. If you can move a few things around to take advantage of this kind of natural light you should be able to get some beautifully lit pics.

amazing newborn photos with iphone close-up

5. Pay attention to timing– A happy baby makes for better (and easier!) photos. Before you begin to shoot think of a time that your baby is usually contented, fully fed, and well rested. A contented baby is much easier to shoot. Of course, you may want to capture a few cute cries-but with a newborn this shouldn’t be hard to do!

DIY hospital newborn photo

 photo of newborn yawning

Bonus Tip- Having a newborn baby takes up a lot of your energy. If you find you are simply too exhausted to even remember where your phone is, let alone try to take good newborn pictures, consider hiring a professional newborn photographer. A newborn photographer can come to you or you can go into the studio. Hiring a newborn photographer could be just the ticket if you would love to take something off of your now very full plate and still be certain you are going to capture these fast-fleeting newborn moments.

sleeping newborn with white lace and headband


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Even if you hire a newborn photographer to take your pictures, these iphone newborn photography tips will give you the confidence to take amazing newborn photos of those precious everyday moments in your home and when you and baby are out and about.

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