With most of us carrying a Smartphone or iPhone just about anywhere, it’s a common problem to have a ton of kid’s photos clogging up your memory on your phone. You might get around to downloading the images onto your computer, but then what? Perhaps this year you can work on, at the very least, getting your most candid or favorite kid’s portrait images into print.

But what’s the best way to do this?

Option One: Download First

By downloading you have the opportunity to cull the bad photos and make minor edits to the photos you like to make them better. The problem is that even if you download and edit, you may lose steam and never get around to printing – so you have to stick to it. Set aside a few hours (ha! Okay, a few ½ hour segments) and download and edit, then head over to Shutterfly or a similar site to create and order your photobook.

Handy tip: Keep an eye out for great online deals – some of them can save you up to 70% on your photobooks or other photo-related items. They make great presents for Grandparents too!

Option Two: Straight from your Phone

If your photos make it to your computer, but rarely make it through step 2 and 3, consider installing an app on your phone that lets you automatically upload your favorite kid’s photos to create photobooks. Although you won’t have as much of a chance to edit the kid’s photos, you’ll likely end up with more candid, fun images of your kids and family.

Mosaic is one site that promises to save you from your procrastination. With the app, you can upload kid’s photos from your Smartphone (via Google Play), iPhone, iPad, etc. From there you can create albums by choosing your top 20 kid’s photos. While only being able to pick 20 may seem restrictive, it lets you focus on only the best photos and gives you small, yet memorable photo books, perfect for remembering important events or capturing the essence of a family vacation.

The photobooks themselves feature a cutout cover with miniatures of the 20 photos and go for about $20 plus shipping. At these prices you can easily afford to make a few albums each year, so those amazing photos of your kids and family don’t just end up living on your iPhone until it’s time for an upgrade – or worse yet, get deleted and are never seen again.

Option Three: Print!

If you’ve already downloaded your images, why not print? Although you might not be able to make giant posters of your iPhone kid’s photos, you’ll at least be able to make a few 4×6 or 5×7 images that can be put into frames, hung on the fridge, or even just taped beside mirrors in your kid’s rooms. As long as your enjoying the photos, it doesn’t matter what format they come in.

Option Four: Electronic Frames

If you just have too many photos to work with, throw them on a thumb drive and buy an electronic photo frame. You can enjoy ALL of your photos, instead of having just a few. They’re great gifts for grandparent, too.


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