Keeping kids busy during 4th of July festivities makes for 1) a more fun gathering for adults and 2) a great opportunity to snap shots of your kids having fun. Setting up a kid’s photo booth is one way that you can guarantee both fun photos and entertainment for all ages. Here’s how to do it.

Step One: Equipment

Ideally, you’ll want a camera and tripod. Set the camera up so it runs on a timer and takes a few photos – such as 5-10. Alternatively, you can pick up a cheap cable trigger, so one person can simply hit the button when they are ready.

You might want to make sure that in either case the camera/tripod is stabilized, so it can’t be accidentally knocked down by exuberant extroverts.

Step Two: Setting

Ideally you’ll want a good backdrop for your 4th of July photobooth. This can be as simple as setting up in front of some trees, or hanging a sheet on the side of your house. For blander backgrounds you might want to hang some red, white, and blue streamers for a bit more color.

kids photo booth ideas for july 4

Step Three: Props

The key to any great kid’s photo booth is lots of good props. Start by collecting costumes that are in your home, ask friends who are coming over to bring some too. Head to the dollar store for some cheap 4th of July-inspired decorations, hats, glasses, etc., and maybe grab a few fake mustaches and some face paint. Stuck? Check out some free printable props that you can make yourself.

Step Four: Help

When young kids are involved, it can help to have someone keep things in order. Since you are already the hostess, why not ask one of the older children to help out? They can make sure no one is stealing the limelight and everyone gets a turn.

Step Five: Display

Ideally, you’ll have a good photo printer that you can use to print off some favorites while your guests are still in attendance. Otherwise, make sure you have contact information so you can send parents/children a link to their photos after the fact.

That’s it! It’s pretty easy and is definitely a fun way to make your next 4th of July (or any gathering) more fun, while keeping kids busy and getting great photos. You might love it so much you’ll want a photo booth at all of your parties!

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