-Tips For Preparing Your

Kids for A Photoshoot-








Preparing Your Kids For A Photoshoot

Here are some great last-minute tips that will truly prep the kids in the best possible way for our shoot.


– Show them photos of your last shoot we did so they can know why we are doing this and they can remember the fun we had! If they are up on the walls – walk them around and tell them how happy the photos made you!

– Call it family photo day – make it seem like an adventure!

– Make it meaningful – we are doing this for mommy/daddy/ grandma / Aunt Mabel with 5 cats or, something simple like we need new pictures for our walls because you have grown so much!

– When you arrive at the shoot – try not to have them holding anything you won’t want in the photos. For example, If they have a lovey please don’t have them holding it when you arrive at the shoot or I will not be able to get it out of their hands. If they need one – please hide it until towards the end of the shoot. This makes it easier for us to move into the shoot in good spirits.

– The energy you bring to the photoshoot is vitally important. Please act excited as it really helps to elevate the mood during the shoot and makes for more dynamic photos.  Kids feed off any negativity so if anyone in the group isn’t into photos – please just have them fake it for the shoot- trust me, you will thank me when you see your photos!


And finally, remember to RELAX and Have fun! We will have a blast and I will beautifully capture memorable moments of your family for you to cherish forever.

Do you have more questions about your upcoming photo session? Please visit our FAQs page or contact us and we are happy to answer your questions and assist you.

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