What to Wear for a Family Photo Shoot

What to Wear for a Family Photo Shoot

One of the most important parts of preparing for your family photo shoot is choosing what you and your family will wear. There is endless inspiration to pull from when choosing your photo shoot wardrobe. But don’t stress! Here are a few of my favorite tips and suggestions that will help make choosing your family photo shoot styles a breeze.

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Coordinate, don’t match

When it comes time to choose what to wear for your family photo shoot matching may be the first thing you think of. Here’s a tip to avoid ending up with photos that look too “matchy-matchy.” Start by looking at some pictures for inspiration. Once you see a style and color scheme you like, select outfits in colors that compliment each other rather than exactly match. Using shades of a color family is a nice place to start. You can also choose to weave a color into your photos wih accessories.

Skip the Logos and characters

If you do want to bring in a little pattern, designate these items to one or two people in the shoot. If one person is wearing a patterned dress, skirt or shirt, try pulling the colors for the other family member’s clothes from the pattern. This combo will create a nice continuity for the shoot and will really make your photos pop.

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Take a hint from your home

You can get a good idea of colors you like by taking a look around your home. Do you have a lot of bright colors around? Or is your palate more muted or neutral? Use this as a starting point for choosing outfits for your family photo shoot will lead you in the right direction when it comes to choosing colors you like.

Skip the Black and White

Black and white are not the best colors to wear for a family photo shoot. If you really want to go with black and white choose a signature color for accessories to add a pop of color to your session.

Consider texture

Most people think a lot about the colors they will wear to their family photo shoot, but texture is another element that really contributes to the overall look and quality of your photographs. Depending on the season, consider mixing linens, silks, cottons, wools or tweeds o give your finished photos a nice sense of layered visual elements and movement.

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HIghlight Individual Style

Sure, you want your family photos to look cohesive. But don;t forget about letting each family member’s personal style shine through. Your family will feel more comfortable in during the shoot and everyone will appreciate the finished product so much more if it the photos feel and look  like “them.”

The Wrap up

These tips should give you a good place to start when you are choosing what to wear for your family photo shoot. Of course, the most important thing to remember is to choose clothes that everyone can relax, have fun, and be themselves in. The more fun you have during the shoot, the better your photos will be.

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