camera bag for kid's photographyIf you’re a major frugal shopper and are eagerly awaiting Boxing Day for some great deals, how about a new camera bag? But what’s the “best” camera bag for child photographers?

We all have different preferences when it comes to purses, laptop bags, etc., camera bags are no different. Unfortunately most of us discover the “right” camera bag after discovering a few “wrong” ones. Hopefully here you can learn a few pointers for choosing the best camera bag to suit your lifestyle.


Big camera bags can certainly carry more, but you are more likely to leave them at home rather than carry with you. Find a bag that can carry your camera and perhaps one extra lens so you can switch it up. It can help to find a camera bag that can also double as a diaper bag – since you know you have to carry one regardless, and now you’ll have your camera everywhere you go.

That being said, many people have two (or more) bags of different sizes. At least one should be easy to carry with you, no matter how long you are out and about. Your second bag would be for longer trips where you want to bring lens options, an extra camera body, or other equipment.


Can your camera bag go everywhere with you, or is it to awkward to carry, particularly when you don’t have a stroller to toss it into? Finding a bag that’s lightweight and easy to carry is key; some of the backpack or sling style models may be ideal for longer days at the park, zoo, on vacation, etc. Also look for interior pockets that can be adjusted larger or smaller to ensure a snug fit for your camera components, but can be opened up should you purchase a larger camera or lens, or want to use your bag to carry other items.


This may seem like a dumb thing to consider, but if you have a gorgeous camera bag you’re more likely to carry it than when you have a utilitarian black bag (which is why Kelly Moore Bags are so incredible). Even better when you get comments on it. Find a bag that suits your own sense of style, even if it’s hot pink or covered with sequins – just don’t ask your significant other to carry it for you.


Obviously if you are investing in a nice camera bag you want it to last – so look for high-quality materials and craftsmanship. This may mean doing a little extra research, such as looking at online reviews or inspecting bags in person to ensure they are going to withstand the test of time. A waterproof bag is also important, as it will let you carry your camera in all kinds of weather.

So what do I use, you ask? After many trials and errors I am absolutely in love with the Jill-E line of camera bags. My bag is a bit larger than most (since I have to carry more gear to photo shoots) but it has wheels. Jill-E has a ton of other bags in different sizes, check them out!

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