Whether you are considering the jump to professional photography (or already are), like to write and take photos, or simply want to start something that you have complete control over (unlike your kids!) a blog can be a great option. So should you start one? Let’s see:

Do You Have the Time?

If you are opening a studio or offering photography services a blog can be an essential marketing tool, something you should make time for if at all possible – even if it’s mostly posting your best photos from shoots and talking about your subject. Try not to make it all about that, though, or you may find it difficult to build a following. Offer some tips, tricks, or simply talk about your own experiences.

Ideally in the marketing realm you want to post an original blog at least once per week, although more is better (as long as you have time to make every post a good one, quick and sloppy blogs won’t do you any favours).

As for a personal photography blog, anything goes. You’re simply expressing yourself and offering the world your take on things, right? If you can build a following, that’s fantastic too!

Are You Comfortable with Content Management Systems?

Using Blogger and other simple platforms may be great for simple blogs with a picture or two, but if you are posting a ton of pictures and want some extra features you may want to consider WordPress. You can open a free account and get a lot of functionality, or convert your existing site to get even more. They have a ton of templates you can use and customize as well. It can take a bit of getting used to, but setting up and managing your blog, in essence, shouldn’t take that long if you are comfortable with technology.

Will You Promote Your Blog?

Writing a blog is great, but unless you hit the nail on the head with search engine optimization and end up on the first page of Google (note: not very likely) no one will read it. If that’s okay with you, find, but otherwise you’ll need to set aside the time to get out there and promote your blog, through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites. You can also find other blogs that are related and post relevant comments (not spam) with a link back to your site.

Final thoughts: the best photography blogs out there offer a bit of everything, photoshoots, advice, news, musings, etc. You don’t want to be too all over the place, but you do want to offer your readers a bit of variety. Hope that helps!


Image courtesy of Samiblue

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