tips fun kid's photoshootsGetting kids to cooperate for a photoshoot can be difficult, which is why it is so important that you take the time to prepare your kids – the last thing you want is to not get any good photos because your child is trying to be difficult (or simply doesn’t want their photo taken). With that in mind, here are a few tips for fun kids’ photoshoots.

Tip One: Discover the Issues

If your child has a specific issue or phobia about having their photo taken, talk to them. It may be that they don’t like flash, aren’t comfortable with what you make them wear, etc. By talking beforehand you can alleviate any fears or discomforts, as well as letting the photographer know if your child dislikes a certain type of photography.

Tip Two: Go for Experience

If you can find a professional child photographer (rather than one who specializes in everything) then you may have a better experience – as they know how to set kids at ease and get their best smiles. You can visit the National Association of Professional Child Photographers to find one in your area.

Tip Three: Avoid Studios (Natural Settings)

Let’s face it, you have a million photos of your child sitting on a stool in front of a grey backdrop, no wonder they don’t like having their photos taken, it’s boring! Find a photographer who with either come to you or shoot on location, such as at a local park or beach where your child can enjoy themselves.

Tip Four: Go for Natural Light

If your photographer can avoid using flash (or can bring strobes which are on all the time) then this can alleviate any “flash fear” and help you get more natural photos of your kids. Shooting outside is a great option to find natural light, so is finding indoor locations with big windows to let the light in.

Tip Five: Let Kids Choose

Giving your child some control over the situation can help them feel better about having their photo taken. Lay out three to five outfits that are appropriate for the photoshoot and let them choose the one they want to wear. If they also have a favorite toy, blanket, or other object that helps them feel more secure, let them bring that too.

Creating positive a photo session environment will set the scene for a lifetime of great photos, so it’s never too early to start working with your children and a professional children’s photographer to get them used to having their photo taken!

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