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Ahh…the last weekend of summer is almost here! If you’re spending it at home, consider taking these last three days to embark on a photo project with your kids, or take some kid’s photos that you can use in a later project. We have a few ideas to get you started:

Work the Theme

Get it? The theme is work!! Capture some fun kid’s photos of your children working (or, let’s face it, pretending to work). Older kids can be photographed fixing cars, mowing lawns, babysitting, etc., while you can take photos of younger kids in the kitchen or dressed up for their favorite job. You might need a few props, just to get the feel of the theme. Try to get photos of as many themes as you can!

Tips for easy props: A tie (salesperson, president, teacher), clipboard (assistant, organizer), old telephone (secretary, businessperson), white coat (doctor, veterinarian), tools (construction worker, mechanic).

Sign Kids Up for Something

There are usually lots of fun events that revolve around Labor Day: races, contests, fairs, or just fun days. Take your kids and capture some images of them having fun – whether it’s running a race, eating a pie, or enjoying a ride. Can’t find a good event? Head to the beach or park and invent your own!

labor day kid's photosEnjoy the Heat

If it looks like Labor Day weekend is going to be a hot one, plan accordingly. Perhaps a weekend at the beach to say goodbye to summer, or one last night at the family cabin? Plan to carve out time this trip (rather than worrying about everything else) to take photos of your kids having fun, exploring, interacting with nature, etc. By the time you catch a breath, it will likely be next summer!

Rainy Day? Organize and Collage?

Not all of us will be lucky with the weather this weekend, so make a backup plan. Perhaps it’s time to organize your photos? Plan a family “slide night” for Friday by hooking up your laptop to the TV and reviewing the last year of photos. Let each family member pick out favs, while you cull images that are blurry, duplicates, etc. At the end of the night, send off the favorites to your local photo shops and pick them up on Saturday, along with some supplies so each family member can make a collage of their photos.

Supplies: Poster board, glue, glitter pens, felt markers, scissors, stickers, etc.

Themes to consider: Family, vacations, my summer, favorite places, colors, shapes, etc.

Westchester NY Family Photos-3

Back to School Photos!

Rather than the traditional night before the rush to plan clothes and find backpacks, combined with the morning of chaos culminating in a rushed photo, spend Sunday or Monday planning and executing a perfect photoshoot. It lets the kids get back into school mode, let’s you take some great back-to-school kids’ portraits, and takes a ton of pressure off for Tuesday morning. Plus, if you’re really behind in getting ready for back-to-school you can combine your photo shoot with a lifestyle kid’s photo session – clothes shopping!

Have a great long weekend and happy photographing!

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