ideas for kids photos in fall

Spring and summer might be great for getting outside and enjoying the weather, but nothing beats the beautiful colors of fall. Get outside with your kids and enjoy the changing of the seasons with a few of these kids photo ideas for fall.

The Biggest Leaf

Send your kids on a “leaf hunt” to find the largest, most colorful leaf they can, and then photograph them holding the leaf out in front of them. Use a large aperture (or portrait mode) and focus on the leaf to create a neat portrait (your child’s face will be slightly blurred).

For families, you can find leaves from large to small, and arrange your kids from largest to smallest with their leaves in front of them. Or give the largest leaf to the smallest child for a bit of a different composition.

Head/Feet Circle

Find a dry patch of ground and have your kids lie down with their heads touching. You might need to find something to climb up on to get more of an overhead view. Try the same shot with their feet touching or get them to link arms/hold hands.

Leaf Destruction!

An oldie but a goodie: have your kids rake the lawn and create a leaf pile. You can capture some nice candid shots while they do this. Then capture each of them jumping in the leaf pile. You’ll need a relatively fast shutter speed (1/250s or faster, or use action mode) so it’s best if it is a bright type of day. When they’re done, you can have them re-rake, and then take photos of them burying each other in the pile.

tips for kid's photos in fallwestchester_larchmont_family_photographer_614 (Copy)A Walk in the Woods

Find a nice patch of woods and, under some fall foliage, have your child or children walk down the path in front of you. The trees make for a nice natural frame around your child, creating a neat composition. You can also have them turn around and run towards you for a different take.

Fall Leaf Dance

On a windy day, find a few big trees and play “catch the leaves” while snapping some shots. A faster shutter speed can be used to freeze the falling leaves while a slower shutter speed can be used to create a sense of movement. You can also ask your child to stand still, using a longer shutter speed, to create an effect where the leaves are blurred as they fall while your child is in perfect focus.

There are lots more ideas to discover when it comes to creating fun kid’s photos in the fall – the point is to get out there and have fun while capturing your kids enjoying the changing of seasons!

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