capturing child photography momentsWe’re all used to those big moments that have us scrambling for the camera – birthdays, first days of preschool/kindergarten, first steps, etc. But there are some moments that you should capture on camera that you might not be considering. Take your child photography skills to the next level by capturing the little moments.

The Quirky Times

Underwear on their heads, napping in a cardboard box or the sock drawer, tea time with daddy and the family pet, all kids have their quirks. These might be things that pass by in a moment or last a year, regardless you’ll want to keep your child photography skills honed so you can capture them quickly.

Fun with Friends

While not a milestone, per say, your kids are going to have lots of friends. Some of these friends might pass through their life or be around for a few years, others might be there at their wedding. Taking photos of your kids with their friends will create and cement valuable memories for your child.

Mellow Time

What does your child like to do in their downtime? These activities are likely a strong indicator of their personalities, but for some reason we don’t think it’s important to capture on camera when the opposite is true. You might need to be a bit sneaky to capture candid moments, but it will be worth the effort.


Do you have a bedtime routine? How about a Sunday afternoon ritual? A dance before the big game? These might seem like nonsense, but they’re likely a really important part of your child’s sense of home and family.


Is your child a smirker, an eye-crosser, a tongue sticker-outer? Get their funny faces on camera, as well as sad faces, impatient faces, all those faces that make up your child’s unique personality. Letting them “out of the box” will help them behave when you need genuine smiles.

Mom and Dad Time

You might prefer pure child photography, but your kids will want to look back at pictures of you together. Whether it’s a big event or an everyday occurrence, hand over the camera or learn how to use a remote trigger/timer.

Acting/Singing/Dress Up

Any time your child gets out of their shell is a good opportunity for some candid child photography. Some kids will do this on their own; others might need a little prompting with clothes to wear, music, etc.

Don’t depend on the “big moments” to provide you with great photos, you’ll get tons of practice (and some excellent portraits) when you hone your child photography on all those little moments in between.

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