Tips for Lifestyle Baby and Newborn Photography

Tips for Lifestyle Baby and Newborn Photography

Here are a few tips for taking better lifestyle newborn pictures

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We’ve talked a bit about lifestyle photography, but how do you capture newborns using the same principles? Lifestyle newborn photography is pretty easy, once you get the hang of it, and it can give you natural beautiful photos. So where do you start? We have a few suggestions:

Newborn Photography’s not all about “Whimsy”

Sure, we all love those baby in the boot images, or tiny heads perfectly posed on tiny arms. But that’s what it is – posing. It’s not a natural representation of your newborn or their life. So, save the “whimsy” for the professionals and focus instead on creating natural photos.

…or perfection

Smooth, perfect skin in newborn photos is generally a product of editing. Babies often have peeling skin, bumps, or acne – and that’s ok. Capturing those little imperfections on camera will create a lasting memory of those first few weeks, which is often a time that tends to feel a bit blurry when you look back through the fog of midnight feedings and diaper changes.

Incorporate surroundings

There are tons of things that relate closely to your newborn, things that you’ll both want to remember in later years – cribs, cradles, mobiles, toys, blankets, etc. Capture baby with these details to make for more personalized newborn photography. Or, you can create a series of photos with just these items for baby to look back on when he’s older, such as a favorite stuffed animal, a special gift from grandparents, or the pacifier they just couldn’t live without.

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Easier, quicker, better

Lifestyle newborn photography is all about capturing the moment, and not worrying about finding the perfect setting, the perfect lighting, etc. This works really well with newborn photography, as you likely won’t have the time for an elaborate setup. All you need is decent amount of light, a co-operative baby, and a camera. The best part is that you can put your camera down at any time and come back later, rather than trying to bend baby to your will (which of course, never works).

Find little details

Your baby is made of tons of tiny little parts that are fun to photograph. Wrinkly feet, miniature toenails, baby feet and clenched fists are all perfect photography subjects, as well as eyes, noses, and lips. For the best results you’ll want almost as large as aperture as your lens allows and get perfect focus on those tiny details (somewhere around f/2 is a good bet).

You can take this an extra step by incorporating tiny newborn things with human size equivalents – big hands holding newborn hands, a lineup up of family feet, a collage of family eyes.

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Include everyone

You don’t just want to remember your new baby – you want to capture just how he fit into your family. Don’t forget to capture siblings helping or holding, mom and dad enjoying baby naps, even the family pet keeping them company (with close supervision, of course). You can also include elements of your home, favorite places, your backyard, etc. – all things that might change when baby gets older.

Again, we’re not focusing on the “perfect” photo here, you’re just trying to capture the moment. That being said, you still want to incorporate as many composition techniques as you can manage comfortably in the time you have.


Remember, lifestyle photography is about capturing moments, not poses. That’s pretty much the best part – you don’t have to stress about making everything magnificent – you just want to get your newborn on camera, so you have photos to remember them by.

Of course, you still might want some professional newborn photos to remember your baby by, in which case you’ll want to look for a great newborn photographer to help you out.

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