5 Benefits of Booking an In-Studio Newborn Photo Session

5 Benefits of Booking an In-Studio Newborn Photo Session

Your newborn photo session will be one of the most special days, spent capturing those once in a lifetime moments of your little one. Here are five benefits to booking an in-studio newborn photo session.

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1. An In-Studio Newborn Photo Session Allows for More Control

When you choose to schedule an in-studio newborn photo session, one of the perks that will result in amazing quality photos is the fact that being in my studio allows me to have more control over many elements fo your newborn photo shoot. This includes more control over lighting, lens options, and the space and white balance in your photos. When all of these elements are controlled and used to their best advantage, this results in the highest quality photos of your precious new addition.

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2. A More Desirable Background for Your Newborn Photos

Imagine this scenario: You are only recently home from the hospital, you are knee deep in the tiniest (and MOST!) laundry piles you have ever seen, and your house looks kind of like you might have been robbed it’s in such disarray. Guess what, this is a totally normal reality of bringing home a newborn baby. Now imagine having to clean all of that up just so you can have your baby pictures taken in a clean space. Use that time to take a nap instead and book your newborn session in-studio.

3. In-Studio Newborn Photo Sessions Offer More Options

There are some really inspired ideas for newborn photo props these days. You could spend months trying to find just the right ones. Why invest extra money in photo props you will never use again? I have some amazing props in my studio to suit every taste. We will chat about styles you love and any ideas you want to share well before your shoot takes places so I can make sure I have the perfect props on hand to create your ideal newborn photos.

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4. In- Studio Newborn Sessions Take Less Time to Complete

With an in-studio newborn photo session I have the advantage of being able to set my studio up and be ready to start your session as soon as you arrive, wasting no time. With a newborn in toe, you will definitely appreciate the combination of a great photo session in less time.

5. My Studio Was Created with Newborns in Mind

As a new parent, there are so many things that run through your mind when you take your newborn out and about to just about anywhere. My studio was designed with all of the concerns a newborn parent might have from a sanitary environment to safety, my studio is safe, clean, cheery, warm, peaceful, and bright- the perfect environment  for you and your newborn to share your first photoshoot experience.

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These are my top 5 reasons that I love an in-studio newborn photo session- and I know you will too! Ready to plan this special day? Get in touch with me and let’s book your in-studio newborn photo session today – we are located in Larchmont, NY and easily accessible from NYC and all areas of Westchester. 


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