How To Photograph Your Kids

Do you have a DSLR camera but are still stuck in “auto” mode? Are you still having difficulty getting consistently great photos from a camera that should be able to do better? Do you want to be in control as a photographer – rather than being at the mercy of your camera’s predetermined settings?

Although snapping a photo takes mere moments, the image you are left with should be something you are happy to look at for many years to come. It should accurately capture the moment, the setting, and the feelings of your child or subject. A great photo also gives you an opportunity to provide others with an opportunity to share your child’s life with others: grandparents, spouses, siblings, and other family members. By taking control of your camera you can accurately capture images of your children, without having to struggle with camera settings, guess which shooting mode you should use, or force your child to stand for a series of photos while you experiment to find the right combination of camera settings to capture the moment.

In the How to Photograph your Kids workshop you will learn:

  • Everything about your camera
  • How lenses work, and why you may need different ones
  • The magic triangle of aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • How to use Manual mode for complete control
  • Metering and exposure
  • Taking advantage of natural light
  • White balance and how it affects your images
  • The optimal focus mode for different images
  • Which file types you should use
  • Composition tips for creating more memorable photos
  • Tips and tricks to get your kids engaged in photos
  • The best time and place to take photos
  • Basic photo processing tips for a better final image

No matter what your photographic experience level, this workshop can help you improve your skills for consistently better images of your kids. As an added bonus, each participant will receive:

  • A copy of Jane’s book – Capturing Every Day Life the no-nonsense, cheese-free, read-while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide to taking top-notch, world-class photos of your kids to take home and use to reference and remember all that we learned in class.
  • ONE-ON-ONE tutoring to answer questions you may have on what is covered in the class.
  • A post-class assignment to cement the ideas learned in class – with personalized feedback on your photos via email.

Group workshops will take place at Jane’s studio in Larchmont, NY and includes a working lunch and customized instruction from 10am to 2.30pm.  Pricing is $400 for the workshop. Classes are kept small and space is limited to ensure each student receives Jane’s full attention.

Ask about the hostess program for classes.

Due to increased demand Jane is now offering private 1-on-1 classes for the same great price!  Private classes are 2 hours in length.

For me information or to book your session, email

Please note this workshop is not for those looking to expand into a business. If you are interested in starting a photography business, please contact Jane directly for more information.