dressing kids photographyHaving a professional photoshoot is a fabulous idea if you want gorgeous, timeless photos of your family to hang on your wall, or to give to friends and family. Before you head out to your photoshoot, spend a bit of time planning your wardrobe to ensure that you get the best family and kids’ photography possible.

Family & Kids’ Photography Tip 1 – Look Natural

You don’t want to stuff your family into clothes they aren’t comfortable in, as this feeling will show up in the images. You want to be comfortable, but look nice and be yourselves.

Family & Kids’ Photography Tip 2 – Dress Seasonal

You can help plan your family and kids’ photoshoot by pretending that it is merely a trip somewhere (to the park, the ice rink, a visit to a friend’s etc.) and dress like you would to go there. This will help you all dress “in the same season.” Although you want to look like you belong together, avoid dressing exactly the same – you want each family member individual personality to shine through.

If you are outdoors or planning a Christmas family photoshoot you can coordinate your outfits to match the season: pastels for spring, bright colors for summer, oranges and browns for fall, and however you dress for the holidays. Also consider your environment and choose a contrasting color to the background. For example, you would want to wear grassy green to a photoshoot in the park as you’ll blend into the background, or light blue for sky/sea backgrounds.

Family & Kids’ Photography Tip 3 – Focus on Kids and Babies

Dressing the family and kids for photographyYou want to dress your kids comfortably for your photography session, in a few different layers so you can adjust to the ambient temperature or help them cool off if they’re running around. Try to avoid brands and logos as they can draw attention to the outfit, rather than the person. Feel free to let older children accessorize – lightly – with hats, scarves, etc.

Family & Kids’ Photography Tip 4 – Final Advice

If you’re going for a bright, bold pattern, bring a back-up option (as it might class with your background). Avoid shiny or reflective fabrics and overly bold colors (such as fluorescents). Warm neutral colors or pastels are a good choice; blacks and greys are best avoided. Also consider skin tones, you likely already know which colors work for your families skin tones and which don’t. If you’re still struggling ask your photographer for some suggestions!


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