tips for choosing a child photographerAt some point in your child’s life you are going to want to take a professional set of photos to remember some time of their life by (or just have a shot where they aren’t blinking or making cheesy faces), and at that point you’re going to be faced with the question – How do I choose a child photographer? Here are some important things to look for:

Check Child Photography Associations

Anyone can call themselves a child photographer, but you generally want to find a photographer who runs a reputable business (rather than grabbing their camera out of a closet five minutes before a photoshoot). Start at the National Association for Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) – they have listings for qualified child photographers all over the world.

Photography Style

All child photographers have different styles. Some go for formal, posed shots, others for candids that strive to bring out your child’s personality. Some photographers like artsy shots, some like to “go with the flow” and see what happens. What matters most is that the child photographer you choose has a style that meshes with what you are looking to get out of the photo shoot.

tips for choosing a child photographer

Check Child Photographer Images

Take a close look at each child photographer’s portfolio and examine the images; do the children in them look like they are enjoying themselves, or do they looks stressed and uncomfortable? You want your kids to be able to naturally interact with the photographer to create good images, having a look at the work they have already created can be a good indicator.

Experience & Rates

Next you’re going to want to narrow down your list of qualified child photographers by their level of experience and rates, as often you’ll find that the most experienced photographers tend to charge the most, which makes sense since they have the most to offer you in terms of photographic ability. Don’t choose a “cheap” photographer unless you absolutely can’t afford to pay more, you’ll likely end up with less than satisfactory images.

tips for choosing a child photographer

Absolutely Check Referrals & Testimonials

One final proof of a child photographer’s “chops” is what previous clients have to say about them. If you can’t find verifiable sources of good referrals (not just on their website), then move on to another photographer. Ask around as well, odds are that one of your friends has used a professional child photographer and can offer some advice or give you a name or two to get you started.

Of course, if you are looking for a child photographer in the New York area, look no further! Visit our site for photos and we can talk about how to create a fun and memorable photo session for you and your child.


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