Thinking about looking back on your photos from when you first began as a child photographer can give you not-so-good feeling – but you should do it!! Checking out your old images will give you an opportunity to see just how far you’ve come, among other things, and might point out a few areas where your child photography can improve. Here are a few reasons to consider checking out your old work:

Find New Gems

While you may overlook a photo initially and leave it in your “discards” pile, coming back with a fresh perspective can turn former “okay” images into awesome ones, particularly if you’ve boned up on you child photography editing skills or have a new perspective. Sometimes just re-cropping, tuning up contrast and color saturation, or converting to black and white can make all the difference between a ho-hum image and a wow one.

Clean Up, It’s Cathartic!

Unfortunately, some images just don’t improve over time. Going back over your old shots can give you a chance to clean out your hard drive so you can make room for new work. You can also take the opportunity to back up your images onto an external hard drive – for safety’s sake. If you don’t want to move everything off your computer, consider using Light Image Resizer (or another program) to reduce the size of images on your PC, while the full-sized backups can go somewhere else. Believe me, you’ll appreciate your hard work should a virus hit your computer.

Start / Finish a Project

When you scour your archive you might remember an old project you started, or you might see a pattern of images that could inspire your next project. Perhaps a certain landmark over the years, your child in a tree in the backyard on their birthday, the seasons from your bedroom window – the possibilities are endless. As a child photographer, embarking on project can help to hone your abilities.

tips for better child photographerCreate a Gallery / Album

Going over your previous images may help you choose new images for your portrait wall, gallery, or photo album. Create a folder or album and throw your best photos of your kids in them; then head over to Shutterfly or other photography websites and order a customized photo album or gift.

When you’re done, relax and be proud of your hard work! You can now set your sights on taking more amazing images of your family, kids, and your favorite subjects. By this time next year your images will be that much better.


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