Best Gifts For Photography Lovers

Best Gifts For Photography Lovers

Everyone has someone in their lives who loves to snap pictures. Learning to take better pictures can be a wonderful way to both capture family memories and to express your creative side. No one sits down and says when their kids are all grown, that they wish they had taken fewer pictures.

Whether they are aspiring to become a professional photographer or love it as a hobby, these gifts will be well-loved and let them take their photography to the next level.

Best Gifts For The Photography Lover In Your Life

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Do you have a parent on your list who loves to take photos of their kids (hint: nearly every parent takes endless photos of their kids!) This book, “How To Photograph Your Kids: Capturing Everyday Life” gives tips, tricks, and pro methods for taking amazing photos of your kids.
We also just launched our course – How to Photograph Your Kids – the no-nonsense, cheese-free, learn-while-they-nap, easy-as-pie course to learn to take top-notch, world-class photos of your kids. Great for everyone who wants to take better photos of their kids! 


Let’s talk about the ‘gear’ that they will love! We list the best phone camera, consumer, prosumer and professional camera with some must have accessories!

Canon Rebel T7i  – it will come with a ‘kit lens’  which is good to practice on until you get comfortable and want to invest in more lenses. This camera lands in between a consumer camera and a pro camera and is a good choice for the photographer who is moving towards wanting to get more into taking pictures, as well as someone who may be just starting out with photography. When it comes to photography, you will want to have some lens options so you can take a variety of pictures in different settings and get the best shots possible. The best place to start with lenses is to invest in a zoom lens and a prime lens. This will give you a pretty well-rounded start to what you will be able to achieve with your photoshoots. Both a prime lens and a zoom lens have their own benefits, so you’ll want to have both to give yourself more flexibility when trying to achieve certain effects with your pictures.

First up is the Canon EF 50mm medium telephoto lens. This lens is high quality and is also super portable, perfect for those on-the-go photo sessions. Also perfect for chasing your kids around taking pictures. If you are looking for a good all-around lens, this is it.

For those up-close moments and capturing details, you’ll want to have a zoom lens for your camera. This Canon EF-S 17-55mm will get the job done well. This zoom lens delivers high-quality images, a zoom focusing distance of 1.5 feet, and image stabilization so you can snap really crisp images even in a darker setting. A versatile lens that is great for headshots, portraits, and other tight shots, this lens will be a well-loved addition to any photographer’s bag of tricks.

If you are looking to upgrade a DSLR that you (or the person you are buying for) already have, this Canon camera bundle offers lenses, flash options, memory cards, 4 filters, a tripod, cleaning cloths, and a lens keeper. This is really a perfect gift to give someone who is wanting to step up their photography game.

Curious what camera I use? The Canon EOS 5D camera body is where to start. With superior image quality and superior flexibility, this camera is perfect for pro-level still photography and video. This camera is sure to impress when unwrapped.

Back to lenses, this is a top of the line zoom lens. With its constant wide aperture, silent and speedy autofocusing, dust and water repellant protection, and many more premium features it’s easy to see why this lens is so popular.


This Speedlite is wireless, has a fast firing flash, continuous flash, a multi-flash system and is a must-have for every photographer’s camera bag.

As you can tell I like Canon – but there are some great Nikon cameras out there if you already have Nikon lenses that you want to use. This Nikon D3500 DSLR is a solid camera bundle option that comes with a camera body, lens, filters, a tripod, camera bag, lens cap holder, and a soft cleaning cloth. Camera bundles are great gifts as they are open and go.


The Nikon D750 is a. solid camera bundle and has what a photography lover would need to start taking great pictures. Featuring camera body, lenses, filters, tripod, camera bag, and more. Along with all of the camera gear, the Nikon D750 uses Snapbridge and bluetooth connectivity to allow for wireless photosharing from camera to mobile devices.  All of the D750 features makes this bundle a great gift.


Another fully loaded camera bundle, the Nikon D850 DSLR makes the perfect gift for photographers who need a starter kit. This camera body and lens bundle gives photographers everything they need to start capturing beautiful images right away.


Interested in trying something different? A mirrorless camera may be just the thing. This high-resolution camera comes with a top notch image stabilizer, burst shooting capabilities, and it’s back-illuminated design drastically reduces noise in images and increases sensitivity resulting in stunning images.



If you want super clean and clear images, you have to keep your camera and lenses super clean. This cleaning kit has everything you need to keep your camera and gear in perfect shape.

Looking for a smartphone that takes amazing pictures? Our pic for this is definitely the Apple iPhone 12 pro max.  Camera features include; 12MP Ultra Wide, Wide and Telephoto cameras; 5x optical zoom range; Night mode, Deep Fusion, Smart HDR 3, Apple ProRAW, and 4K Dolby Vision HDR recording.

Instant film cameras are instant photography fun. These cameras are great on their own, or to add to a camera collection as an exciting alternative camera for events where you would love to share prints with people in the moment.

Looking for a little inspiration? This Life Magazine photography book, “100 Photographs That Changed The World” will give inspiration and ideas for snapping photos in any season.

The best gifts for photography lovers

I hope this guide has given you some ideas for gifting the perfect gift for the photographer lover in your life. Looking for more photography tips and inspiration? Our How to Photograph Your Kids website is the best place to get tips and tricks!









































































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