Kids Summer Photo shoot Ideas

Kids Summer Photo shoot Ideas

The weather is finally warming up! Everyone is ready to get outside and it’s never too early to start taking amazing photos of your kids enjoying the warm weather. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to capture those great kids Summer photoshoot moments.

Early Morning is Best

A hot afternoon will not give you willing participants, and the bright overhead sun leads to squinty faces and dark shadows. Try scheduling time in the early morning to take some pictures – it will be cooler and the light will be less intense. If you have to be out later in the day, try using an umbrella, finding shade, or waiting until a cloud comes by. On those days that are just too hot find a bright indoor location, like an ice cream shop or an indoor play place to take some kid’s photos. When it really heats up mid Summer it’s a great time to schedule an in-studio photo shoot. You will avoid the heat and have the perfect lighting you need all at your fingertips. 


Try Something New

We have a tendency to go to familiar places – the same beach or park – but this leads to similar photos. Try new places for a boost. How about a bridge, downtown, or at the train station? Browse local groups on Flickr to find fun locations that you may have previously overlooked.


Have Fun with Shadows

Do your kids like to make shadow puppets? How about shadow photos? Find a location where you can shoot from the side, while your kids have fun making new scenes. Bring some props for more fun – a ball, some sticks, flags, bubble wands- get creative! 

Set the Scene

Finding a fun activity that also serves as a great photography scene will give you the best of both worlds: great photos and happy kids. Some scene ideas are a lemonade stand, a slip-and-slide, a sprinkler, a kiddie pool, sandcastle building, sidewalk drawings, even an outdoor dress-up session. Not feeling up to an elaborate setting? The beach is always a good fall back location.

tips for child photography at the beach


Capture Photos From all Angles

Rather than focusing on faces, get other angles as well. Are they hard at work digging in the sand? Get a shot. How about them running into the waves at the beach? Perfect. Sometimes letting them go off and be themselves is the best trick for candid photos.


Even if you don’t have your camera on you, a good camera phone can always stand in when the opportunity arises. Remember the best photos are those that capture the personality of the subject, so get outside, have fun, and snap some great Summer memories!

Kids summer photo shoot ideas by Jane Goodrich

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