5 NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR CHILD PHOTOGRAPHERS- New Year’s resolutions aren’t all about weight loss or healthy eating – they’re about overall self-improvement. If you have found that your children’s photos are somewhat…lacking…how about making a commitment this year to improve your kid’s photography in 2017? It’s not that hard and can be a lot of fun – as well as helping you end the year with lots of fun photos of your kids.

With that in mind, here are our top New Year’s resolutions for child photographers:

Resolution #1: Banish Gear Envy

We all know the feeling. You’re at the park. It’s a lovely setting. Your kids are cooperating. You’re getting ready to take some photos of your kids when the lady next to you pulls out the latest Nikon/Canon/Sony/Leica wonder. Or perhaps she has that lens that you’ve been eyeing – the one with the big price tag that you are positive would greatly improve your kid’s photography. You hastily stuff your camera back in your bag to avoid the shame.

Stop it! Great child photographers often use gear that is 10 years old or more, simply because they know it works for them. Focus on improving your craft and the gear you own/don’t own will become much less significant.

Resolution #2: Look at all kinds of Photography

You can learn a lot simply by looking at other photographer’s works – whether child photography or another genre. Take out some books from the library, browse Flickr groups, or just come here! When you find a photo you admire, take a few minutes to really look at it and mark why it resonates with you – is it the subject? Use of color/contrast? Where is the subject placed in the frame? By identifying why you like a particular photo, you can incorporate the same types of techniques in your photos.

Resolution #3: Stop Procrastinating!

Is it too cold? Too wet? Too dark? Cranky kids? There are many reasons not to take out your camera, but all these reasons are holding you back. Regardless of the situation, try to find a few minutes per day (or 30 minutes per week) to take photos, regardless of subject or surroundings. Even if it means you pull out your iPhone on the subway, keep taking photos! The more you photograph, even if it’s not strictly children’s photography, the more you’ll learn and improve.

It doesn’t have to be kids, either. Whether the subject is cats, people, still life, or architecture, all photography will help you improve.


Whether an online class, an in-person workshop, a photography guided tour, or a few child photography books, you need to invest a little money and a lot of time in order to get better at anything, right? Again, this might be a matter of setting aside 5 minutes per day to read a blog post or a chapter of a book, or one night a week to attend a class. It’s worth the investment, you’ll see!

Resolution #5: Print, Share, Enjoy

We often put off (and thus, never) printing our photos, simply because we don’t think they are “good” enough. But in reality, we’re simply depriving others of enjoying the results of children’s photography – photos of our children! Even if it’s just grandparents, family, and Facebook friends, the feedback you receive will help you keep working at it.

If you’re feeling brave, share a few of your favorite photos on a Flickr group for amateur child photographers, you’ll receive valuable feedback on how to make your photos even better – for free!

Make 2017 the year that you embrace child photography. We’re here to help! Pin this post so you can refer to it later!


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