kid's photography tips in the heatIs it hot enough yet? Pretty much everywhere throughout North America (and abroad) is experiencing hot temperatures, which can make it a challenge when trying to scout photography locations for taking kid’s portraits. After all, even the nicest locale won’t matter if your kids are too hot and miserable to enjoy it – so try a few of these cooler locals:

The Mall

It’s air conditioned and there’s ice cream – what could be better? It might take a bit of scouting to find a suitable location that’s not full of people, but larger malls usually have at least one seating area or a fountain that can act as a backdrop, as well as lots of lighting.

Water Park

Stay cool and let the kids burn off some energy by heading to your local paddle pool or spray park. Ideally, use a telephoto lens and a quick shutter speed to freeze action – as your kids will likely be moving pretty quick.

tips for kid's photography on hot daysBackyard

If your yard has lots of shade it would probably make a great local for photos. No shade? Find a way to hang a sheet to block incoming sun for a few hours. Early in the morning, or closer to sunset is the best time to avoid the heats, as well as offering warm light for kid’s portraits. If it does get too hot you can always turn on the sprinkler or fill a kiddy pool to beat the heat.

You could also try one of these outdoor activities to stay cool and provide fun photo-taking opportunities:

–          Slip and slide

–          Water balloon/sponges

–          Ice cube boats

–          Snow Cones

–          Ice Bricks

Find a Tour

This might be a bit unconventional, but odds are that a local factory, museum, or etc. has free or low-cost tours. Make sure you ask first before you start taking photos. Chocolate factory, anyone?

Eat Out

Head into town (or the country) and find a fun or kitschy outdoor bistro where you and your kids can enjoy a meal, and you can snap some fun photos of your little ones digging in. Look for fun settings – such as beach umbrellas and patio lights to use as background.

When all else fails, stay inside and turn on some fans. With all the heat the last thing you want to do is risk your kid’s health for the sake of a few photos – hopefully the heat will break soon!

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