-Baby’s First Year Sessions-

Jane Goodrich beautifully captures

your baby’s first-year milestones

About Our Baby's First Year Sessions...

When you invest in a baby’s first-year package with Jane Goodrich, you are ensuring that each milestone of your baby’s first year will be artfully captured. Available packages include scheduled photo sessions from maternity throughout your pregnancy and baby’s first year.


These packages are only available during the week. Contact the studio to reserve your package. Please see below for more details on our bespoke baby’s first-year packages.

Why You Should Invest In Our Baby's First-Year Package

Our Milestone First-Year Baby Plan packages ensure you capture all the sweet periods in your baby’s first 365 days through high-quality, meaningful pictures you’ll treasure for a lifetime. If you’re on the edge or are simply curious about why so many parents rave about these packages, here are four reasons to reserve your package.

The First-Year Package Will Save You Time and Stress

Do you know how you feel more relaxed when you have all of your appointments scheduled? Its that feeling like you have one less task to worry about, and you know you’re doing something good for yourself, too. When you reserve one of our Newborn Milestone packages, you will feel the same way. You can book all the dates for your sessions in advance (these dates are movable if necessary), and you can be at ease and check another thing off of your list knowing you’ll be capturing all those precious moments as your baby grows older.

Flexible Payment Options

The thought of paying for a milestone package upfront is daunting for everyone. Rest assured that we have payment plans that are flexible so you can be comfortable with your investment.

Baby's First Year Is So Hectic

Your child’s first year can feel like a total whirlwind. So many things change in your world and your newborn baby evolves so quickly that you sometimes don’t even see the changes yourself until you look back. Knowing that you have secured the gift of stunning images to look back at when you can take moments to calmly reflect on this period in your life, will prove incredibly meaningful to you and to your family throughout the years.

Everyone Will Treasure These Pictures Forever

Think about how special your own baby pictures are to you and also to your immediate and extended family. Your child will be so grateful to have these images as they get older, and you’ll look back on the sessions and the images we created fondly. These are the images your children will show your grandchildren.