Tips for Photographing Baby’s Firsts

Your baby’s “firsts” is one of the primary reasons why parents ensure they have a camera handy. However, without the proper skills and practice, your children’s photos will be relegated to the snapshot pile. We can help you with that.

Tip #1: Always be Ready

With all the madness going on with diaper changes, midnight feedings, and fun things like teething, it can be hard to ensure that you’re always prepared to take great children’s photos. So, start by investing in a good pocket-sized camera (or a new Smartphone with a decent camera) and ensure it’s always nearby, such as in a diaper bag.

For DSLR lovers, make sure your camera and associated paraphernalia remain in a central location – such as your kitchen or living room. Again, a larger diaper bag might be just the ticket to ensure you take it everywhere with you.

Besides that, ensure your batteries are charged and keep a spare on hand!

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Tip #2: Get Used to Light

Whenever you and baby come into a room or go outside, check the light. If you have an inkling that you might want to take a few photos and the light is low, open a few curtains or try a different room. The last thing you want is dim photos of baby’s first steps!

A grainy baby photo isn’t as bad as none at all, so if you need to boost ISO up to get the exposure you need, so be it. Learn how to do this, as well as manually adjusting your exposure, and you’ll be on a path for better baby images.

Tip #3: Try New Angles

To create impactful images of your baby, you need to get on eye level. This method works particularly well for first steps, lifting up, self-feeding, etc. However, for new babies, an overhead angle can work well too. If you have time, try both!

Extra Tip: If getting down on the floor isn’t comfortable for you, find a way to safely capture the image with baby off the floor – such as on your bed or a couch. It might not be quite as “spontaneous” but will save you a backache later.

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Tip #4: Plan a Few Firsts

It can be frustrating always to be on alert for “firsts,” only to have them happen when your back is turned. Fortunately, there are a few firsts that you can plan and be ready for:

  • Solid food
  • Visiting the park/pool/spray/beach park etc.
  • Holiday (Easter/Christmas/Thanksgiving)
  • Christening/Baptism
  • Haircut
  • Vacation/Train Ride/Boat Ride/Plane Ride
  • Birthday

In these cases, plan to have your camera ready and ensure that you are in a location where there is good light, if possible.

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Tip #5: Capture Favorites

Don’t focus just on firsts; you also want to create a story with your child as the central character. Capture their likes, dislikes, and all of their funny moods. In the end, you’re creating memories, not just photos. As your baby turns into a toddler, you’ll have to get a bit quicker – so keep up the practice.

Finally, set aside time to review your photos before the next “first” so you can make adjustments if needed. While you are at it, post to Facebook, share with friends and family, and get a few prints made so you can send them to grandparents, put in scrapbooks, or hang on the wall!

Don’t forget to Pin his post so you can refer to it later!

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Taking amazing pictures for baby's firsts
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Tips for Photographing Baby’s Firsts




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