hire a professional photographer 01 (Copy)Once again it’s time to show our dads (or spouses) how much they mean to us. Whether you are a photography buff, or they are, we have some interesting Father’s Day gifts for you to consider this year.

Feet Message

Grab a washable marker and write a nice message to Dad on your kid’s feet, such as “We Love Dad” – then take a picture of your kids’ feet, get it printed and frame it for a great present that Dad will love to place on his desk. Use a large aperture (like f/1.4) if you want the feet crisp but the face blurry, or a smaller aperture (like f/11) to get the kids’ faces clear as well.

Homemade Photo Frame

If you already have some great photos, how about a great frame to put them in? Grab your kids and some supplies, and then use this tutorial to get started. If you’d rather do something on your own, feel free. All you really need to get going is a piece of cardboard or heavy paper to act as the frame and paint or colored paper.

Pocket Watch Photo Album

This is a really neat idea if your Dad or spouse carries a pocket watch – an accordion-style photo album that can be stored inside the front cover. Alternatively, you can find a broken pocket watch and remove the “watch” portion for a really cool gift that would also be great for a grandparent.

Vintage Camera



Does he like collecting old things, or is really into cameras? Then maybe the perfect gift is a bit of both: a vintage camera. Whether for practical use or just as a conversation piece, you can find vintage cameras at your local thrift store, pawn shop, or online at Etsy.

Une Bobine

It’s part tripod and part charger. In short, it’s a wonder and something any Father/photographer would love. The fact that it can do double-duty makes it even handier than your traditional tripod, and who doesn’t need a spare charger?

Photo Tile

Here’s another fun project that makes for a great Father’s Day gift. You need a ceramic tile (available for a few dollars at any home improvement store), some photos, a brush and Mod Podge. Let your kids pick the photographs – you can print them individually or create a collage the size of the tile and have that printed.

That’s it for this year – if you have any other suggestions we’d love to hear them!

Vintage Camera Photo Credit:  Witthaya Phonsawat

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