back to school photo ideasToday we’d like to give you parents a few ideas on where/when to take photos of your kids when the “big day” comes in just a few days! So here are some back to school photo ideas, broken out by age range:

Daycare/ Preschool

This is a tough one for parents and child, so you may not be able to get sunshiny faces for the first few days. After they are settled in, ask your child for a tour and prompt them with a few questions such as:

  • Where does your backpack go?
  • Can you show me some artwork you made?
  • Show me your favorite place here.
  • Where do you eat lunch/snack?

Don’t forget to get a few photos with their caregiver/teacher and other kids – they’ll appreciate having something to look back on as they grow older.

First Day of Kindergarten

Hopefully your child is excited – kindergarten is a big deal! Besides a few of the above suggestions inside the classroom and poses with teacher, you can also get photos:

  • In front of the school bus
  • School bus driving away
  • Tying shoes
  • Getting lunch and snacks ready
  • Practicing for homework
  • Photos of crafts they bring home
  • New school outfits
  • After school snacks/activities

Sometimes having the camera ready and asking questions can distract kids who may be a bit hesitant about leaving the nest for school, so keep them talking!

Elementary School

Here’s a fun idea – try for the same pose, in the same/similar place each year. Then you can print each photo and tack them up next to each other to see how fast your kids have grown!

Other than that, try for the front steps of school, in front of a big tree, or with friends.

Middle School/High School

At this point your child probably doesn’t want you following them to the classroom, so you may want to plan an early morning or late evening the night before to get some photos. Creative ideas for photos include:

  • Stack of textbooks
  • Filling out elective forms
  • Fashion show of new clothes
  • Waiting for the bus
  • Coming home the first day

There’s a possibility that your child may not want you photographing them, period. Try to respect their choice (or get your telephoto lens out). If you are on Facebook you also may want to ask if they’re okay with you sharing the photos with friends, or let them choose which photos to post on their own timelines.


Holy Moly, college already? How the time flies. Here you have a few options leading up to the first days, including:

  • Packing/unpacking
  • Driving the car to school (road trip!)
  • New dorm room
  • On campus
  • Saying goodbye to family and friends
  • Home for the holidays!

Need more ideas? Check out this Pinterest page of First Day of School shots to fuel your creativity. And don’t forget to bring along a few Kleenexes, just in case!

P.S. I love the photo of the sad kids with their backpacks on with a gleeful parent in the background, makes me giggle every time and makes for a fantastic family shot : )

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