Father's Day Gifts for PhotographersDad’s work really hard all year, between working and raising kids they don’t always have time to enjoy their hobbies – so this Father’s Day you can help them make time by giving them a little inspiration. Here are a few ideas:

Nikon D3200

For Dad’s who love taking photos, this camera is a great entry level model that is lightweight and affordable, as well as offering enough flexibility that it will grow with a budding photographer. Whether for kid’s photography, landscapes, or wildlife, this camera can hit the ground running and offers 1080p video recording for those special occasions.

Available on Amazon and in local stores.

GoPro Hero4

Does the Dad in your life love to get outdoors? Kayaking, skiing, skydiving – perhaps he wants to capture his adventures for prosperity? The GoPro mounts easily and newer models are wifi enabled, so he can capture photos and video via smartphone.

Available on Amazon and in local stores.

Photo Album

If Dad already has a hard drive full of great photos – why not help him enjoy all those great photos with an album, photo mug, digital photo frame, or have some of his best images professionally framed. For inspiration, check out Shutterfly’s great selection.

Magazine Subscription

Taking out a subscription to a good photography magazine is a terrific way to help dad become a better photographer, and it’s affordable too!

Adobe Lightroom 5

Dad might have all the gear he needs, but does he have a good way to organize and edit photos? Adobe Lightroom is easy to use and offers a streamlined approach to file management.

Photography Project

Do you have a box of old photos somewhere that you could use for a photo project? You and the kids could make a photo mobile or convert an old table into a brand new piece of furniture. There are tons of DIY photo projects to choose from.

Plan a Photo-Trip

Sometimes it can be hard for busy dads to find the time to enjoy their hobby – so maybe you can help. A trip to a nice location, one that offers lots of opportunities for fun photos, perhaps? If a trip far, far away isn’t within budget at the moment, try finding local haunts that offer good opportunities.

Hopefully these great ideas have giving you some food for thought, get ready because Father’s Day is right around the corner!

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