Meet Our Team

We know that your family is the most important thing in the world to you. Even more, we are well aware of how valuable it is to freeze those most precious, raw moments in time to hang onto and cherish forever. Because of that, we here at Jane Goodrich Photography Studio have dedicated ourselves to ensure you obtain the most authentic, high-quality images, all while having a second to none, family-fun experience along the way. 

Jane Goodrich


Founder and owner of Jane Goodrich Photography Studio since 2010, Jane is an exceptionally passionate and devoted family photographer who prides herself in delivering the highest quality experience and portraits. With over a decade of professional experience, she knows all the tricks of the trade and is a master at communicating with both parents and their little ones (she’s nicknamed the baby-whisperer for a reason) and is an expert at positioning her clients to capture the most breathtaking shots. Because of her strong reputation and fun-loving nature, Jane has developed a long list of repeat clients and would love for you to become one of them. Just make sure to book in advance!



Holding nearly a decade of professional experience, Stefanie is a powerhouse family photographer and in-home newborn photographer. Those who book with her can expect to have the most fun and yet laid-back experience from start to finish, and one that always ends with the most immaculate natural photos that you can treasure for a lifetime. She is also fantastic with kids, so much that they frequently ask to come back again and again. This, along with her keen interactive personality, relaxing vibes, and expertise in adding real emotion in every frame, can give you the warming peace of mind that you will receive the most authentic, frozen memories that you will adore.



Jelena is more than a professional and passionate studio newborn photographer; she is also a respected NICU RN who knows how to read and care for babies and their needs unlike any other. Intertwining her love for babies and her natural creative eye, Jelena has been capturing little ones’ first few days of life since 2012. She is best known for delivering beautiful, soft, and delicate images packed with immeasurable emotion and genuineness and does so by developing a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere for both baby and parents. All in all, Jelena knows how to securely pose newborns and guide parents every step of the way, which can give you the confidence that your baby is in the safest, most nurturing hands to obtain compelling family photos.


Studio Manager

Since 2012, Cyndi has been a jack of all trades within Jane Goodrich Photography Studio. Not only is she an extraordinary family-oriented photographer, but she is also the studio manager and Jane’s sanity keeper all packed into one. As the studio manager, Cyndi is responsible for ensuring that both clients and the photographers have a seamless and enjoyable experience and leverages her keen interpersonal/problem-solving skills to help spearhead the brand’s mission for excellence. Every business needs its backbone, someone they can rely on. For Jane Goodrich Photography Studio, the person is Cyndi, the compassionate multi-dynamic professional who just so happens to be the glue that holds the whole team together.

We know how to bring a special view during family photo sessions, and as baby/child whisperers, we aim to make the mood fun, relaxed, and light for everyone to capture the most beautiful images. But more importantly, we understand that it is not just about the photo you get in the end; it is about having an amazing experience that ties it all together to make the day incredible. With our underlying mission to do just that and raise the standards bar for you, you can assure that your session is going to be a wonderful one with us behind the camera.