As well as being a celebrated photographer, Jane has written and photographed several books. Capturing Everyday Life is in its second edition of helping parents photograph their children, New York is My Playground is a best selling children’s book that shows that kids find wonder everywhere. Where’s Charlie’s Nose is a clever book that will help teach your child their body parts. Jane’s latest book “What is School?” is a collaboration with Donna Lukas and Nancy Rangel to help teach children that school is not just a place, it’s a lifelong journey of learning. 







Capturing Everyday Life


  That funny face your son squeezes together while you let him chew on a lemon wedge for the first time. The sound of his laugh erupting at the discovery of his belly button. The dimples on his little hands where knuckles just haven’t been born yet. In the blink of an eye, it becomes a challenge to recall these details and how they make you feel. Taking a photo takes just a few seconds, but the resulting image gives you a documented memory that lasts a lifetime. It’s a way to revisit these immeasurable moments, and they way they make you feel. This no-nonsense, cheese-free, read while-they-nap, easy-as-pie guide will give you the tools you need to capture top-notch, world-class photos of your kids!




New York Is My Playground


 Storyteller and street photographer Jane Goodrich creates an exciting, kid-centric portraits. The end result is a fresh, moving homage to all who use New York City as their playground.


New York is My Playground Shows children how the city’s streets, structures, and landmarks can provide a unique playspace. In addition to Jane’s beautiful photography, this book includes text from veteran children’s author Bob Raczka. New York is My Playground is a playful urban romp that shows the pleasures of city living are not just for grown-ups. 



Where’s Charlie’s Nose?

 Teach your little ones their body parts with this fun book filled with photographs from New York City newborn and children’s photographer, Jane Goodrich and illustrations by the talented illustrator Sarah Simpson of a Happy Little Design Studio. Your little ones will love finding Charlie’s nose (and more) with these beautiful full color photographs and illustrations. 





What People are Saying…


“I love this modern take on a body parts book for toddlers. The photographs of little Charlie are simply adorable!” – From Where’s Charlie’s Nose

“Taking a photography class has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, but who has the time? Running after my own set of twins keeps me on my toes and leaves little time for anything I WANT to do. When I came across this book, I wondered if I’d learn anything or if I’d be wasting my money like I have with other photography books. Well, I can’t tell you how HAPPY I was with this one! It taught me tricks of the trade that you would only learn from an industry insider, but in a way that even a novice like myself can understand. From tips on composition to shutter speed, I feel like I’m ready to ready to take on the world one snap at a time!” -From Capturing Everyday Life 

“I bought this book for myself, as I had my 3-year-old son in NYC and loved the idea of the city as his playground. But surprisingly, it has become his favorite bedtime story. He LOVES seeing photos of other kids in his city (so rare to have a children’s book with photographs!), and he keeps asking to do all the activities like the kids in the book. I will definitely buy this book for other NYC families and kids as gifts. A treasure for our bookshelf!” -From New York is My Playground

“So much fun! A great way to explore NYC through a child’s eyes! The City is such a vibrant, sensory experience for all of us….and Jane brings out the playfulness of it all. Even though her story is told from a kid’s perspective, anyone who’s grown up, visited, or raised their own babies in NYC will love the simple, but memorable moments that Jane captures — Central Park, taxis, fruit stands and more!” – From New York Is My Playground


If you want to learn more about photographing your kids, head over to Jane’s new online course “How to Photograph Your Kids”.